About Invendis

Invendis designs, develops and markets most widely usable remote monitoring systems and services to global infrastructure companies to enable them to monitor, control, maintain and manage their distributed infrastructure assets efficiently. Our experienced  hardware and software engineers with deep understanding of systems integration and enhanced user experiences create integrated IIoT solutions using most modern, systems architectures, development, and state-of-the-art testing facilities.

We innovate using most modern systems architectures supported by our state-of-the-art development and testing facilities. Our mature design and development processes help reduce development time, expensive hardware selections and avert interoperability failures . Our high-end prototyping facility carries out through systems integration, verifications and validations. We work with diverse sets of technologies, sensors, protocols, wired and wireless communication channels and RMS/ RTU/ Controllers/ Loggers/ Gateways

Invendis Road Map


Founding year


First RMS order executed
for 1800 sites in India.


First overseas order delivered
in Middle-East.


Deployment started in Africa


Launched Solar remote
monitoring solutions.


Deployment in a new country
in South East Asia for 2500+ sites.


Workforce Management System
with OSS integration deployed
in five countries in Africa.


South East Asia operations
started, with a single largest
order of 12,000 sites


Operations started in 2013.


South East Asia operations started in 2014, single largest order from any towerco for 12,000 RMS units.


4000+ RMS units were shipped in 2015.


OSS integration with Work Flow /Trouble Ticketing was deployed in 2016 for a client in Africa.


Global Sales & Marketing
office in Middle East.


Launched new Hardware & Software
with improved features.

What we do



We manufacture agnostic IoT, M2M and AI hardware & software products. Our hardware products can be installed in all weather conditions where as our software can be deployed in VM, Cloud as well as in traditional environments.

Smart & Secure Sites

Our products are used to make remote site equipment smart as well as to secure them with advance alarming & notifications transmitted on near real-time basis.

Empower Field Force

We improve field force productivity with smart mobile applications and empower them with technology to directly access and control site equipment equipment while on the go.

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