Partner Profile:

Client is the Owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications sites in several countries, with every site comprising up to 500 towers. The client had never been exposed to remote monitoring solutions in the past.

Challenges faced by client:

Frequent power outages leading to outage time greater than 50%.

High Annual maintenance costs.

Unmonitored temperature fluctuations.

High Diesel generator run hours.

10% downtime – undesirable for a telecom operator.

Increased number of maintenance visits by site engineer.

Site security issues.

Increased Fuel consumption.

Regulatory issues.

Our remote monitoring solution iSense was installed at their site. The client was able to note the following benefits quarter on quarter.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance: Monetary savings of 10US$M per tower per month and 50% increase in number of sites managed by technician. They were also able to improve equipment life, running hours and reliability, reduce AMC costs and also achieve.

100% Regulatory compliance: continuous aviation lamp monitoring. 99.9% Uptime: Customer successfully managed to reduce downtime penalties for consecutive quarters.

Run Hours Optimization-Energy cost management: Power savings worth 2.5KW per 5 visits have been noted. RMS implementation for Diesel Generators reduced the run hours by 4 to 6 hours per day.

Run Hours Optimization – Air conditioners: Estimated savings of at least 1 hr of each Air conditioner run time per day have been noted. RMS implementation controls air conditioners based on threshold temperatures, reduces compressor issues, unnecessary usage of air conditioner shelter doors and loading.

Run Hours Optimization – Optimized Battery Management: iSense can monitor battery charge levels, temperature as per OEM specified limits, discharge cycle count and depth of discharge levels.

Fuel management: iSense tracks Fuel consumption in real time, identifying and eliminating pilferage through alarm notifications and fuel refill records.

10% savings on security costs: Client has successfully managed to eliminate direct security or care taker in safe states and non-critical network sites using Invendis security systems which comprise of access control, door sensors and site camera’s. All entries and exits during routine and schedule maintenance are tracked closely through cameras and sensors.

More about iSense Controller:

Embedded Linux OS with file system

10/100Mbps Ethernet port

GSM/ GPRS with Dual SIM option

High-precision analog inputs – 8 nos

Opto-isolated digital inputs‐ 24 nos

Relay outputs - 8 nos

Serial (RS-232 port – 1 nos, RS‐485 port – 2 nos)

USB 2.0 host port

SD memory card slot for storage expansion

128MB SDRAM and 256MB NAND Flash

2 dedicated AI ports with RTD probes

RTC with battery back‐up

Device can work on 230V AC Power Supply or 20V to 60V DC Power Supply.

Protocols Supported:

RTU, MODBUS ASCII, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP etc. At Tower site iSense is connected to various site equipment’s preferably on RS485 and communication is via MODBUS RTU Protocol

iSense - Data Acquisition and Transmission

Device can be configured to send data at periodic intervals.

Device sends data when any Alarms (state change) are detected irrespective of the configured periodic interval.

Direct Alarms (PFC)

Threshold based Alarms

Device collects data from all sensors every second or lesser but transmits only during the periodic intervals or on alarm occurrences

All parameters including primary and secondary communication channels are configurable in the device.

Communication Options available in the devices are


GPRS Via SIM 1 & SIM 2

SMS Via SIM 1 & SIM 2

Partner Profile:

Client is the Owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications sites in several countries, with every site comprising up to 300 towers.

Challenges faced by client:

Lack of decision support systems.

Lack of visibility on alarm conditions in the site.

Frequent field visits and checks.

Lack of billing systems and data.

Invendis solution for LMN through ITOC – Analytics on the Cloud:

LMN installed I-sense hardware controllers at their site along with cloud based ITOC at the NOC. ITOC by Invendis is a cloud based enterprise class software solution designed to be the backbone responsible for monitoring, controlling, operations and management. The Software as a service model enables tower companies to view real time tower analytics on desktops and mobile devices with significant reduction in infrastructure costs. The software can analyse and troubleshoot alarms, facilitate communication between site operations and NOC teams and send SMS/Email notifications in a hierarchical format for quick resolution. ITOC provides Decision support systems in the areas of Energy, power, temperature, generator, battery, fuel and alarm control thus enabling complete site control.

Notable benefits using real time analytics are:

Reduced number of B-checks resulting in savings of 40$USD per check per site per annum.

Increase in number of sites managed by technician from 8 to 12.

Diesel consumption reduced by 20488 in Jan 11 compared to Nov 11 for 150 sites.

Energy cost reduction by 2.5kw per month.

Reduced diesel generator run hours by 4-6 hours per day.

Estimated savings of 1 hour of air conditioner run hours per day

The operational status of various passive tower elements was displayed via ITOC in the form of a dashboard. The dashboard helps the customer perform reporting and analytics in the following areas.

Energy Management:

Grid Usage

Diesel Generator Usage


Telecom Battery

Control Automation:



Access Control ON/OFF

Integration with Existing Equipment’s:

DG Controller

UPS Controller


Energy meters

Addressable Fire panel

Security & Surveillance – Camera & Access Control

Partner Profile:

The client is the Owner and operator of wireless and broadcast communications sites in several countries, with every site comprising up to 500 towers.

Challenges faced by client:

Difficulty in assigning sites or tower to technicians during outages or maintenance activities.

Difficulty tracking their access and co-ordinates.

Lack of visibility into completion status of task.

Invendis Solution:

The customer chose to implement Invendis Workforce Management Solution managed through ITOC thus managing over 10,000 site technicians. Our workforce management solution enables complete mobilization of a field technician and enables him to receive requests from a command centre, schedule his tasks and track the service level agreement (SLA). The functionality is controlled from ITOC and has the following features and advantages.

Some notable benefits to the customer post implementation of WFM are:

Trouble ticket management: In the event of outages or equipment failures, the command centre agent can assign a ticket that comprises of the event type and description, the site id and tower number, the engineer id, name, part and equipment number which needs maintenance or repair. Emergency requests are accommodated by special ticket categories.

Analytics and dashboards on trouble tickets: The WFM application can provide real time analytics on number of events, outages, site downtime and uptime, SLA breaches, open tickets and mean time to repair

Planned maintenance activities – tower owners: The App can manage Corrective actions and Change management activities for a site. A database of historic maintenance data is kept and schedules for upcoming maintenance activities are generated.

Site Preventive maintenance – partner Organizations: he App can also track planned maintenance activities of partner organisations and maintain activity records which can be tracked based on the type of the site (Rooftop, Ground, Indoor, and Outdoor) and completion status of the activity.

Site Access: The App also controls access to the site by means of access requests for planned and scheduled maintenance activities. A visit log is also maintained for all personnel accessing the site. The code based access control for site security is shown below.

Fuelling Process: The App can track all planned and emergency fuelling processes and provide alarm notifications when fuel goes below normal levels and also maintain activity logs based on region, site, tower, vendor, fuel type, date and quantity.

Site Readings during visits: The site technician can access all site information and readings in one go using the touch screen of his smart phone.