iSense– Seamless Data Acquisition at Tower Sites

Remote monitoring and intelligent site management has become a necessity rather than an option for most telecom providers today. iSense is a fourth generation data acquisition hardware controller that facilitates 24/7 seamless operations with reduced operating costs. iSense is the perfect panacea for the burgeoning issues that tower companies face today. It monitors all tower elements with 100% accuracy and guarantees measurable post implementation benefits in 5 main areas.

Invendis remote monitoring solutions with iSense guarantees measurable post implementation benefits in 5 main areas.

Central Control : Multiple sites and towers can be monitored from a single platform

Seamless integration : iSense can seamlessly integrate with other software solutions of Invendis and provide valuable insights from the data acquired.

Reduced operating costs : iSense provides real time updates on all passive elements at tower sites, effectively tracking alarm conditions and pilferage.

Predictive Maintenance : The device acts as an advance risk alert system for inclement environmental conditions and external threats. Site Operators can fix the problem much before damage has been done.

Reduced Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint : iSense can monitor fuel consumption and battery charge levels, whilst also predicting refill schedules. The optimized energy utilization solution also helps reduced the carbon footprint.

Efficient Security Management : iSense monitors electronic surveillance systems at sites thus reducing dependency on physical keys and security personnel.

Regulatory Compliance : Compliance: iSense facilitates continuous aviation lamp monitoring which is mandatory for all tower companies.