Cloud Based Workforce Management Solutions – From Reactive To Preventive

Tower companies have managed over 10,000 field technicians using Invendis Mobile Workforce Management Software. The functionality is controlled from ITOC and has the following features and advantages.

Workforce Mobilization : The solution enables a technician to receive service requests from a command centre, schedule his tasks and tracks service level agreements (SLA).

Trouble Ticket Management : In the event of an outage or equipment failure, the command centre agent can assign a ticket that comprises of all event information along with site engineer details. Emergency requests are accommodated by special ticket categories.

Analytics and Dashboards on Trouble Tickets : The WFM application can provide real time analytics on number of events, outages, site downtime and uptime, SLA breaches, open tickets and mean time to repair.

Site Preventive Maintenance : The App can also track planned maintenance activities of the tower company as well as its partner organisations and maintain activity records with status reports.

Site Security : The App can track all planned and emergency fuelling processes and also provide alarm notifications when fuel goes below normal levels.