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On the right side of the solutions header

  • 3rd Party Equipment Integration Portfolio, then click
  • A brief paragraph about integration will come, then below it image, then below it two (red, Blue) bubbles will appear
  • Red bubble inside it (south Bound Integration) + Blue bubble inside it (North Bound Integration)
  • Click on the Red bubble will generate a pop-up web page that will list the South Bound integrations
  • Click on the blue bubble will generate a pop-up web page that will list the North Bound integrations

In general, the term ‘third-party integration’ means addition of necessary external data to an existing project using different APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Due to the third-party APIs the developers can build a new solution in a shorter period of time, using already existing components instead of creating a code for new ones from scratch.
Nowadays, 3rd Party Integration is an integral part of almost any industrial automation process, in any field of engineering, it can be hardware integration or software integration. The reason integration activities are vital is due to the fact that in this day and age the numbers of different equipment/software vendors have increased dramatically, each with their own technology and coding. Business owners and entities will always prefer a centralized system where they monitor, control and manage their resources and assets easily and efficiently.

Invendis with its vast experience in this field, have managed to build a massive library of successfully integrated equipment/software, click on the bottom bubbles for more information regarding the available equipment/software that are successfully integrated. Please note down that should your equipment/software be not listed, worry not, our highly experience team will always be able to provide you with the integration service of the new product.

South Bound Integration Page Pop-up

  • List of Rectifiers Make and model:
    • Emerson INF 702 (SNMP)
    • Emerson M221 (SNMP)
    • Emerson M820D (SNMP)
    • Eltek with Smart Node2 (RS485)
    • Eltek with Smart Pack2 (SNMP)
    • Delta Orion (SNMP)
    • Delta Orion (RS485)
    • Lineage (SNMP)
    • Huawei (SNMP, RS485)
    • Enatel (SNMP)
    • Eaton (SNMP)
    • DPC (RS485)
    • Enetek (SNMP)
  • List of gensets controllers make and models (all on RS485 or RS232):
    • Deepsea 7320/7450
    • Intelilite AMF 25
    • Cummins PS0500
    • Sedimac 1200
    • EMS955
    • 3Tech
    • Geko
    • RID
    • Himoinsa
    • Powercity
  • List of Li-Ion batteries make and model (all on RS485):
    • Panasonic
    • Polarium
    • LG Chem
    • LEOCH
    • Narada
    • Potevio
    • Vision
    • GS -Yuasa
    • BYD
    • Coslight
  • List of Aircon & AVR Controllers:
    • Sirus (Aircon controller)
    • CPS AVR
  • List of solar MPPT controllers:
    • Outback
    • ABB
    • Delta
    • KaCO
  • List of Solar inverters make and model:
    • ABB
    • Ingeteam
    • REFUsol
    • DELTA
    • Kaco
    • Schneider Electric
    • Fronius
    • KSTAR
    • Solis
    • Growatt
    • Zever Solar
    • SunGrow
    • SMA
    • Power-One
    • Huawei
  • List of 3p solutions:
    • Huawei
    • Delta/ Green Pole
    • Lineage
    • Yoma
    • Sixth Energy

North Bound Integration Page Pop-up

  • List of OSS:
    • Ericsson
    • Nokia Netact
    • Huawei U2000/2020
    • ZTE Netnewmen
    • IBM Netcool
  • List of Ai Systems:
    • LTM eSums
    • Ericsson EIO / MSDP
    • PowerX
  • List of Lateral Systems:
    • Footprint ticketing
    • Remedy Ticketing
    • ACSYS Access
    • Open KM DMS
    • ZTE
  • List of Others:
    • User Mobile App
    • Acsys Smart Access
    • Mobile User Interface


01 / 05

Multi-vendor support

  • String & central inverters
  • Energy meters and weather monitoring stations
  • String combiner/ junction boxes

01 / 05

Data visualization

  • LIVE working status view
  • Real time energy updates & alarms
  • Interactive charts/graphs
  • Flexible data grids to view plant data 24/7
  • Site layout visualization
  • Flexible reports
  • Generation forecast

01 / 05


  • Real time equipment status alarms.
  • Escalation and notification to plant personnel

01 / 05

Remote configuration

  • Remotely configure inverter energy output
  • Inverter on/off

01 / 05

Comprehensive visualization of all assets

  • Centralized monitoring platform
  • Configurable threshold control
  • Customizable views/reports

01 / 05

Plant performance reports and analytics

  • Monthly ,daily and instantaneous data reports
  • Comparative analysis
  • Predictive energy generation
  • Alerts on reduced site performance
  • Performance parameter monitoring viz PR, CUF, CO2.

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