Diesel generators are extremely important especially where grid power is unreliable or absent. It is crucial to monitor them to prevent power outages and downtime. Invendis DG monitoring system provides remote access to generator control functions and makes available vital operational data regarding its performance and upkeep. In combination with fuel monitoring system, it helps in determining fuel efficiencies and plan refueling visits. Its advanced notification system detects fuel theft and is also capable of identifying fuel leakage and water condensation in fuel tanks.

Key Features

DG System Insights

Real time alarms

Reports and analytics

Increased DG Lifespan

Fuel Theft Detection

Technical Efficiencies



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Data visualization

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Dashboards
  • Charts
  • Energy monitoring
  • Dg battery voltage monitoring

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Real time alarms

  • Real time fuel leak monitoring.
  • Fuel theft alerts.
  • Fuel contamination detection.

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Report and Analysis

  • Maintenance due report
  • Region/zone summary report
  • Run hours report
  • Load and energy generation analytics

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