Invendis products employs ingenious algorithms to provide intelligent operations automation solutions that help companies make their distributed assets smart, carry out remote measurement and monitoring of vital system parameters, bring in equipment performance improvements, Optimize Power Consumptions, Reduce Carbon foot print, Reduce Field Visits and help in gaining more insight into operational processes for the purposes of CAPEX & OPEX savings.

Invendis Hardware

iSense is the brand name of IoT RMS/ RTU/ Loggers/ Gateways/ Controllers that Invendis produces to fit different industrial applications. It comes in various form factors to suit corresponding technical requirements.

At its core it is an IoT computing device with embedded software application(s) that interfaces with the site equipment, connects to sensors and to other third party systems that needs to be monitored and controlled. Its intelligent and configurable M2M/ AI algorithms help the customer to reduce decision making through automation as well as optimize costly data transmission expenses.

It is also capable of raising logical alarms, receive OTA commands as well as provide remote access to site equipment for quick actions. Data captured by iSense becomes the foundation for Big Data and Analytics driving enterprise data driven decisions.

Invendis Software

Invendis has a comprehensive suite of software solutions to suite different requirements

iTOC/ Piz Gloria is a highly scalable cloud enabled NOC software platform specially designed to visualize remote asset performance, power sources & loads, to capture environmental parameters, and support site security. It is designed to facilitate operations departments with alarms, dashboards and analytics. The software is suitable as a NOC for MNO / Telcos, TowerCos. It can also be used by Utilities/ Enterprises as a Unified Command & Control Center.

mTOC is a mobile application which enhances productivity of field work force by not only making remote site data available at their fingertips but also empowering them with facilities to remotely control assets, change parameter settings, manage workflows and indent for spares on the go.

iSolar is an end to end software application for monitoring all aspects of solar power generation of solar power plants. It tabulates Performance Ratio, Carbon Foot Print and Analyses weather data to forecast power generation.

mSurvey is a task and project management mobile application providing editable forms for enlisting tasks, enable work completion data collection and empowering workforce to work smarter and faster in the field with easy and efficient data updates right on their mobile devices. Its ability to; automatically capture location information, image capturing makes it an ideal tool for routine field jobs, project works and for evidencing work completion.

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