Invendis builds End to End IIoT hardware and software solutions for a variety of Industrial applications.

  • Asset performance & management
  • Process optimization & efficiency
  • Cost optimizations
  • Total Productivity Maintenance

There are predominant features in just about every solution we offer and our basic principles of innovation, design and delivery remains

  • Smart assets and secure sites
  • Empowered workforce
  • Machine Learning, AI & Analytics

We offer best solutions

Diverse Background

Varied professional backgrounds with experience ranging from Electrical, Electronics, Communications, Robotics, M2M, and analytics.

Complementary Skillset

Immersed skillset in design, fabrication and manufacturing of Industrial grade IOT products and continuous development that goes hand-to-hand with the current Technological revolution

Collaborative Mindset

Our focus – respect, integrity, collaboration and excellence.


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High communication network up time primarily demands full visibility of telecom tower active and passive assets performance. Such knowledge inherently has multi-dimensional impact, totally transforming the business of TelCo/ TowerCo. Invendis IIoT based Remote Monitoring Systems RMS fully eliminates Tower Operations Center TOC dependency on traditional methods

Solar remote monitoring solution

Invendis i-Sol aids in monitoring, controlling and optimizing solar power plant performance. Our solution combines various distributed equipment into one system providing control over the entire plant. It is highly versatile, fulfilling the demands for monitoring, control and analysis be it Off-Grid or On-Grid, Residential or Commercial Roof Top Solar PV Systems or utility scale ground mounted projects

Work force management

Maximizes performance levels and competency of field staff. It improves their productivity, provides full visibility of tasks at hand and enables relevant team(s) to proactively prepare and execute jobs

Battery management solution

Invendis IIoT Based Battery Monitoring System records and transfers battery performance data till the end of the battery life. In combination with intelligent algorithms it alerts technicians on deteriorating battery parameters.

Diesel generator monitoring

Diesel generators are extremely important in almost every industry especially where grid power is unreliable or absent. It is crucial to monitor these generators continuously to prevent power outages and downtime. Invendis remote DG monitoring system provides.

Energy Meters and End to End Billing

Invendis smart energy meters are most suitable for sub-metering and billing purposes. Combined with our IIoT solutions we provide End to End Automation of Energy Measurement and Billing Process.

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