Telecom Towers
Wind Load Monitoring

Global demand for steel towers to accommodate new generation network elements such as 5G

Pressing need to analyse structural stability of tower before mounting new elements

There is a need to understand the wind load experienced by each tower

Key Features

  • Visibility of Tower Load and structural stability in real time.
  • Analysis of Tower deflection based on wind speed that it experiences.
  • From tower deflection, deriving the alignment of Microwave antenna and fix it when necessary.
  • Analysis based decision making for additional load adding to tower.
  • A combination of Smart wind & tilt sensors and IOT concepts


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Multi-vendor support

  • String & central inverters
  • Energy meters and weather monitoring stations
  • String combiner/ junction boxes

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Data visualization

  • LIVE working status view
  • Real time energy updates & alarms
  • Interactive charts/graphs
  • Flexible data grids to view plant data 24/7
  • Site layout visualization
  • Flexible reports
  • Generation forecast

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  • Real time equipment status alarms.
  • Escalation and notification to plant personnel

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Remote configuration

  • Remotely configure inverter energy output
  • Inverter on/off

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Comprehensive visualization of all assets

  • Centralized monitoring platform
  • Configurable threshold control
  • Customizable views/reports

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Plant performance reports and analytics

  • Monthly ,daily and instantaneous data reports
  • Comparative analysis
  • Predictive energy generation
  • Alerts on reduced site performance
  • Performance parameter monitoring viz PR, CUF, CO2.

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