Work Force


Invendis Workforce management (WFM) maximizes performance levels and competency of field staff. It improves their productivity, provides full visibility of tasks at hand and enables team(s) to proactively collaborate, prepare and execute jobs.

It is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with iSense to automatically and in real time pick up divergent asset performance parameters and alarms and convert them into trouble tickets. In the absence of IIoT hardware, Invendis Middleware iDS enables OSS integrations with adapters and helps to shuffle through piles of OSS alarms to pick relevant data for automatic trouble ticket creation. It also integrates into Enterprise BSS systems providing unique E2E digital transformation.

Key Features

Trouble tickets

Preventive maintenance

Fuel Management

Asset Management

Real Time

Safety, Health, Environment,
Risk & Quality

Change Management

Site Access Integration



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Trouble tickets

  • Assignment of work
  • Tracking work progress
  • Completion of work
  • Closure of ticket after review and approval

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Preventive / corrective Maintenance

  • Proactive and cyclic maintenance of site equipment
  • Trouble shooting based on events
  • Reduction of repair with reflex sheduling

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Fuel planning & management

  • Fuel data monitoring
  • Tracking refueling records
  • Bill conciliation

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Real-Time Alarms

  • Alerts on SLA breaches
  • Schedule preventive measures

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Real-Time Reports

  • Battery health reports
  • Backup performance analysis

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