Analytics & AI

Telecom tower power equipment such as Diesel Generator, Battery etc. are highly valuable, cost consuming assets. These are essential infrastructure required to maintain tower uptime. Inevitably to meet their SLAs and reduce costs, MNOs & TowerCos need to monitor these assets and maintain them in optimum conditions. With a good performance monitoring system MNOs/ TowerCos can gain access to performance parameters. But with good digital twins they can predict / avoid issues leading to equipment failure and unplanned outages.

Invendis recognizes that large amounts of enterprise data are collected in individual silos. Some can be found in a single system while others are distributed across multiple systems. Most of these silos are underutilized or used only for specific purposes such as monitoring and reporting i.e., for reactive rather than advanced proactive actions.
Invendis specializes in bridging together disparate silos, to compare and query data sources and analyse data usability. We pick up GOOD ENOUGH data to create data models, exception rule engines and sequential corelations. Our modelling methodology provides structured approach into planning data analytics projects and solve business problems using existing KPIs, ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and provide actionable insights and alerts that increase speed, performance, and profitability of your business.