Clean Power

Invendis Solar Energy monitoring solution provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring all aspects of energy generation at solar power plants. Invendis RMS (Remote Monitoring System) solution includes Controller, sensors, energy meters and integrations to various solar equipment used in plants as well; like Inverters, SCBs (String Combiner Box), Multi-Function Meters, and Radiation sensors.

Invendis device will periodically collect the plant’s data and push it to the cloud infrastructure. Web based applications provide rich visualizations and are used by operations to view and make decisions on the data and drive workflows.
Invendis Solar Monitoring application features provide the functionality to fully manage a solar plant energy generation. In addition, it is highly flexible and tailored based on customer needs, it has the capability to integrate to various 3rd Party sensors and equipment. Moreover, based on the data collected, different views of energy generated/consumed, plant performance and more will be available in the portal.

Typical configurations of the plant supported include the following:

Rooftop Solar Plants with Local consumption/export to grid

Large Power plants exporting to Grid

Plants with hybrid configuration covering energy storage

Off grid Solar power plants