Next Generation Digitization and Automation

Invendis provides a wide range of IIoT controllers, gateways and RTUs that provide remote monitoring and control. Our devices caters to communication needs across various Industries. Our special purpose IoT devices can connect to AC & DC Power equipments, measure environmental parameters with sensors as well as interface with latest access solutions for site security. We specialise in Gateway controllers, Energy Meters, Sensors and maintenance equipment.

i-GIC Gateway & IOT Controllers

In order to help our clients from the telecom, solar, banking and many other sectors; to manage their equipment better, increase the efficiency of their equipment, and optimize their operations, Invendis created a wide variety of products to incorporate AI and Machine Learning processes to collect, analyze, and create reports that are transported to key personnel for further verification and to decide on the next course of action. These IOT Controller hardware provide the base for the connection of the sensors and the cloud-based solutions so that data collection and transfer is a seamless task.

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i-Mete Energy Meters

i-Mate smart energy meters are most suitable for sub-metering and billing purposes. Combined with our iSense gateway and application platform, we automate DC or AC power measurements, rating and billing reconciliations. Our energy meters measure AC energy from sources such as grid and generator, and measure DC power of sources such as rectifiers, batteries, solar MPPTs and various DC loads. Invendis smart energy meters are ideal fitment to applications/ systems that measure energy consumption and relay this information from meter to cloud through our wireless gateways. It helps the user / process owners in efficient energy management and usage. Regular monitoring of electricity measurement improves consumer awareness leading to waste reduction thus lower expenses.

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i-Sensors range is designed to suite different industrial applications. Smart, connected sensors deliver real-time visibility that is needed to operate, maintain, and plan operations in an optimal way. Sensors used for detection environmental changes such as temperature/ humidity/ fire/ smoke, Measurement of fuel/water/ flow, and motion/ proximity detection for security and surveillance all these along Smart meters and intelligent IoT devices and platform provide compelling use cases for CAPEX & OPEX optimization.

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Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a solar panel array. With a commercial solar panel array, the pressures of reaping the maximum financial reward & realizing a quick ROI are immense. Technology driven waterless solar panel cleaning from Invendis offers complete solar panel cleaning service by making use of modern technology including automation, artificial intelligence and cloud technology.

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i-Access Accessories

Invendis provides all connectivity accessories for its IOT devices to enable smooth installation of all its products.

Battery Charger

A 48VDC-12VDC or 220VAC-12VDC power converter that is always part of the iSense enclosure, used to power some of the field sensors and the enclosure back up battery

Surge Protection Device (SPD)

Surge Protection Devices are always part of the iSense enclosure, they come in RS-485 SPD as an input bridge for communication wiring before connecting to the main controller, and in Analog SPD as an input bridge for sensors wiring before connecting to the main controller.


Our enclosures are IP65 custom made with project-based shape and dimensions design. They host all of the main devices and internal wiring.

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