Invendis i-Route is one among the various models of IoT products in the i-Sense series. It is a ruggedized intelligent hardware which is capable of capturing alarms that terminate on passive blocks and intelligently route them to Invendis NOC software – i-TOC. It is also capable of interfacing to third party NOC applications by utilizing Invendis Middleware iDS.

i-Route is designed to establish communication channel to centralized server as well as decipher data. It can also be positioned as a gateway that can be utilized for remote access into controllers such as Rectifiers and Diesel Generators (Not limiting to).

i-Route features provide direct access to compatible site passive equipment controllers to user using the available smart data communication technology. The feature is designed to provide option of making configuration changes or to monitor the site equipment at any time from the Operations Centre.

The smart feature will enable the request coming in from remote user to pass to end equipment making iRoute as a bridge for the communication. The feature requires a static IP over SIM network or an Ethernet connectivity with fixed IP or a VPN for secured communication between the server and the site equipment.

Technical Details

Pre-built Linux OS with file system

10/100Mbps Ethernet port onboard

GSM/ GPRS – Dual SIM onboard

USB 2.0 console port

SD memory card slot for storage expansion

Builtin Routing feature