Invendis has a diverse library of sensors that complement and complete its line of products and solutions. These sensors are carefully chosen, they come at high standards, quality and compatibility with Invendis IOT controllers. Invendis always make sure that these sensors are well calibrated in a timely manner and provide measurement accuracy that is followed by well known the international standards

Sensors used for detection environmental changes such as temperature/ humidity/ fire/ smoke, Measurement of fuel/water/ flow, and motion/ proximity detection for security and surveillance all these along Smart meters and intelligent IoT devices and platform provide compelling use cases for CAPEX & OPEX optimization.

Battery Monitoring System

Invendis i-Sense is our core controller/datalogger/gateway that is the remote monitoring and control unit that will be installed at the required site. It is used to collect all kind of data and parameters from devices and machines, execute local smart computations, correlate operational events, and intelligently and securely transmit this data via various readily available mediums. I-Sense also comes equipped with multiple analog and digital I/Os to provide further control over the assets and autonomous operations

Wireless Fuel Sensor

Invendis wireless fuel sensor is a tailor-made pressure-based fuel sensor with wireless communication capability. The sensor which senses the fuel level in the tank is primarily a pressure-based fuel sensor that gets immersed into diesel. The intelligent transmitter element is a 4G / NB-IoT module. The sensor sends information of fuel level directly to a cloud-based platform for monitoring. The sensor comes with a built-in Lithium battery would last up to 2 years when query interval is kept at once in every 8 hours.

Water Leak Sensor

The water leak sensor is used to detect water seepage on floor where it becomes critical to avoid hazard of electrical short circuit due to water coming in contact between the two terminals of electrical system. The sensor uses the principle of conductivity of water and enables and alarm when water comes in contact between the two leads of the sensor.
This signal will be picked up by the data logger to sense water leak. The sensor works on 12V DC power and is sensitive to thin film of water contacting the two leads.

Environmental Sensors

Module Temperature Sensor
This is an easy to install surface-based temperature sensor that is mainly used to read the temperature of the Solar cells surface.
Weather Station
This a compacted weather station that combines, An ambient temperature sensor, ambient humidity sensor, and an anemometer. The weather station is easy to install and comes with an IP67 Modbus module that connects all the sensors internally and allows minimal wiring for communication. rradiance Sensor
Irradiance Sensor
This is a pyranometer that measures the irradiance on a flat surface. The measured irradiance (Global Irradiance) is the sum of direct solar irradiance and diffuse irradiance. This is a Second Class pyranometer that is based on a thermopile sensor.