iSense is the brand name of IoT Logger/ Gateway/ Controllers that Invendis produces to fit respective industrial applications. It comes in various form factors to suit corresponding technical requirements. At its core it is an IoT computing device with embedded software application(s) that interfaces with the site equipments, connects to sensors and to other third party systems that needs to be monitored and controlled.

iSense intelligent and configurable M2M/ AI algorithms help the customer to minimize the decision-making process through automation as well as optimize costly data transmission expenses. It is also capable of raising logical alarms, receive OTA commands as well as provide remote access to site equipments for quick actions. Data captured by iSense becomes the foundation for Big Data and Analytics driving enterprise data driven decisions.

Key Features

Predictive and Preventive measures

Energy cost management

Optimization of run hours

Optimization of battery management

Complete compliance with regulations

Reduction of energy wastage

Improved fuel management

i-Sense can be configured to send relevant data at desired set intervals

In case of a change of state triggers alarms that are sent with immediate effect without being hindered by the scheduled time interval. The AI-based algorithms make this possible.

While the data transmission is set for an interval or during the triggering of the alarm, the data collection is done seamlessly and continuously. This data helps perform predictive maintenance improving Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

iSense also monitors the change in battery levels and fuel consumption to ensure better energy utilization, thus reducing carbon footprints.

Increases site security and decrease theft of battery and fuel.

The increased performance also increases the uptime without fluctuations

i-Sense Benefits