PizGloria is a NOC platform that provides end to end insights into telecom tower sites performance. It is an amalgamation of three distinct feature sets – Invendis RMS, iTOC & WFM. It does not only brings together RMS/iTOC and WFM but also extends into real time analytics converting data sets into actionable information. It uses state of the art technology and highly intuitive user interfaces allowing the business to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other insights and get answers from it almost immediately”

PIZ Gloria is a complete makeover of its previous version with key focus given to user experience and response time. User will now get the best experience while they navigate from one page to other yet keeping their focus on what they are looking for. PIZ Gloria has been developed based on latest technologies like HTML5, KAFKA that comes with a set of Widget based dashboards where users can call based on their wish.

Easy to Maintain/ Bug Fix

Flexible and extendible, usable on the long term

Adapt to requirement

Scalability: high capacity

Responds positively to change, when adding features, performance does not degrade

Invendis offers and encourages its esteemed customers to try Piz Gloria on trial basis to explore a different flavour of monitoring solution for their telecom tower sites, clubbed with; compressive work force management and real time data analytics driven decision making assistance tool.