Generator Control Modules

Invendis Generator controller is precisely designed for automatically switching between the two power sources viz Grid and Generator. This intelligent device senses the availability of Grid and acts as a medium to switch over to Generator when Grid fails and brings the load back to Grid when it is back. The controller comes with Auto and manual operation modes. This compact elegant design makes it a best retrofit for the auto change over operation of generator. The LCD display on the unit allows users to visualise the operations and faults locally as well as configuration of the logic driving parameters.

ET 8000 integrates functions required for Automatic Transfer Switch control in Diesel Genset applications. It provides Mains Metering, AMF and ATS control to supplement the primary engine controller. It also provides a high level of system protection, not available with conventional metering, improving reliability and reducing system cost.

ET - 8000

Generator Control Meter

Automatic transfer of load from source 1 to source 2 for generator applications.

Controls generator ON/OFF based on availability of grid.

Smooth transfer of load from grid to generator and vice versa

local start/stop push buttons

Built-in 8 I/Os.

Ideal for applications in generator ATS panel both in commercial and telecom gensets.

Compact design, adaptable for any retrofit uses

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 96 x 96 x 52 mm

Mounting Hole: 92 x 92 mm. Mounted

IP rating: IP 52 front, IP20 rear

Supply Voltage & Current: 8 V to 30 V DC. Nominal 12/24 V Automotive / Nominal 50mA

General protection: Reverse voltage, 120V load dump

Input reference: 0V DC/Common

Mains Voltage Input Range: 60-300 Volts RMS. Short duration overload capability 350V

Generator Voltage Input Range: 60-300 Volts RMS Short duration overload capability 350V

Mains Under/Over Frequency: Under Frequency = 40Hz, Over Frequency =70 Hz

Output OP1 to OP5: Relay Coil Driver Open drain current limited 30V 300mA

Generator Under/Over Frequency: Under Frequency = 40Hz, Over Frequency =70 Hz

Output protection: Short circuit, reverse voltage, load dump, inductive relay currents

Set-up and Adjustment: Menu buttons and LCD or by PC with cloning software.

Terminations: Amp DUAC / Molex Mini Fit JNR

Operating / Storage Temperature: -10 to +70°C / -20 to +70°C


Applications / Usage

Field Configurable Limits on Mains/Dg Electrical parameters

Mains Inhibit for AMF operation by pass.

Field Configurable timers / Values on mains and genset

Power distribution panels

Configurable for Single- Dual output for Start-Stop logic.