i- Single phase Meters

Invendis Single-phase electricity meters are designed essentially to measure energy consumption. This helps utilities better manage customer services and encourage consumers to embrace energy-savvy behaviour to optimize their costs.

Energy meters used in homes or in small scale industrial application facilitates in keeping a check on energy consumption. This benefits in controlling unnecessary power usage & also helps in protecting appliances from controlling fluctuations in power outages.

ET - 0054

Single Phase Energy meter

Ideal for monitoring energy usage of individual load.

Retrofit unit with 15A socket to monitor energy usage of any electronic appliances

unique energy reset feature allows the user to keep a track of energy spend across different appliances

Ideal for monitoring home appliances, machinery loads in small scale/ SME industries

Usage :

Home Appliances Energy Monitoring requirements

Small Scale Industries / SME

Industries - To calculate machine load up to 280V

Technical Specifications

Type - Single Phase AC

Class - 1.0

Segment - Energy Measurement

Current Range - 0 to 15A

Voltage Range - 85 to 280V

Humidity: <95% non-condensing

Auxilliary Power - Self powered

Display - Single Row 4 digit 7 segment LED.

Captures - V, I, kW & kWh

Additional Feature - Comes with 15A Socket and a Switch.

End Application - Individual Equipment Load Monitoring.


Applications / Usage

Household and industrial appliances

Appliance energy monitoring with energy reset

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Panels