IIoT for Telecom Towers, Distributed Energy & Sub metering
Invendis solutions enable large infrastructure companies to monitor, control, maintain & manage their distributed infrastructure. It measures & validates consumption of resources leading to resource optimization, facilitating environment sustainability by reducing carbon footprint.
i-Mete smart energy meters are most suitable for sub-metering and billing purposes. Combined with our iSense gateway and application platform, we automate DC or AC power measurements, rating and billing reconciliations.
Invendis iSense is the brand name of IoT Logger/ Gateway/ Controllers that Invendis produces to fit respective industrial applications. It comes in various form factors to suit corresponding technical requirements.
Invendis i-Route is one among the various models of IoT products in the i-Sense series. It is a ruggedized intelligent hardware which is capable of capturing alarms that terminate on passive blocks and intelligently route them to Invendis NOC software – i-TOC.
Invendis i-Smart is considered the smallest and a compact i-Sense model. It is a cost-effective controller that does the same functionalities as the higher end models, with differences of not having built-in I/Os and limited integration capacity.
Invendis has a diverse library of sensors that complement and complete its line of products and solutions. These sensors are carefully chosen, they come at high standards, quality and compatibility with Invendis IOT controllers.
Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a solar panel array. With a commercial solar panel array, the pressures of reaping the maximum financial reward & realizing a quick ROI are immense.