Battery Management System

Invendis Battery Management System (BMS) provides an automated monitoring and analysis for batteries deployed in customers sites (Telecom Towers, solar plants, ext.) where power failures account for critical operational downtime.

It can connect up to 24 batteries in series, it provides complete visibility into the battery bank and individual cells. Customers can monitor and manage their battery bank from anywhere, it also enables the identification of faulty cells and helps customers to proactively replace the faulty cell before it kills the entire batter bank.

Live battery status is sent to the users, followed by pattern analysis and consequent generation of alerts to aid immediate preventive measures. The product applies continuous monitoring of fixed parameters, which are used to collate information, calculate various factors and deduce actionable insights. In addition to that, the product early and near real-time alert system, acts as an anti-theft mechanism should a battery suddenly go offline for no technical reason.

Technical Details

LED display for battery health check

Modbus Port for communication

Power supply 48VDC

Operating Temperature (0 to 55) ◦C

24 channels

Accuracy +/- 0.3 VDC