Energy Meters

i-Mete smart energy meters are most suitable for sub-metering and billing purposes. Combined with our iSense gateway and application platform, we automate DC or AC power measurements, rating and billing reconciliations. Our energy meters measure AC energy from sources such as grid and generator, and measure DC power of sources such as rectifiers, batteries, solar MPPTs and various DC loads.

Invendis smart energy meters are ideal fitment to applications/ systems that measure energy consumption and relay this information from meter to cloud through our wireless gateways. They help the user / process owners in efficient energy management and usage. Regular monitoring of electricity measurement improves consumer awareness leading to waste reduction thus lower expenses.

Available across various Communication Interfaces

Smart Distribution Panel Meters

Invendis Smart multifunction distribution panel meters monitors and measures all electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power factor, active power, apparent power, reactive power, Active energy etc. Our meters facilitate distribution panels with exact, accurate and reliable measurements.

Advanced Energy Meters

Invendis Advanced energy Meters enables two way-communication network to control centre equipment and all the applications that enable the gathering and transfer of energy usage information in near real-time. Advanced energy meter enables remote meter reading for error free data, network problem identification, load profiling, energy audit and partial load curtailment in place of load shedding.

Control Meters

Invendis Generator controller is precisely designed for automatically switching between the two power sources viz Grid and Generator. This intelligent device senses the availability of Grid and acts as a medium to switch over to Generator when Grid fails and brings the load back to Grid when it is back. The controller comes with Auto and manual operation modes. This compact elegant design makes it a best retrofit for the auto change over operation of generator. LCD on the unit allows user to visualise the operations and faults locally as well to configure the logic driving parameters.

VAF Meters

Invendis VAF meters are True RMS type digital meters for use in three phase four wire LT electrical systems. The design of these meters is based on proven micro-controller technology, resulting in compact and accurate meters. The meter uses state of the art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) circuitry to achieve very high accuracy measurement of True RMS value of all parameters. The meter displays the readings on 3 rows, 3 digit three digital Crisp Super bright LED Displays.

DC Meters

Invendis DC Energy Meter (iDEM) is designed to monitor and control DC systems and measure a wide range of parameters such as voltage, current, power and energy. It is an excellent device for monitoring solar PV and wind turbine power generation as well as other DC metering applications such as transportation systems, cellular communication towers, power distribution systems etc.

Single Phase Meters

Invendis Single-phase electricity meters are designed essentially to measure energy consumption. This helps utilities better manage customer services and encourage consumers to embrace energy-savvy behaviour to optimize their costs.
Energy meters used in homes or in small scale industrial application facilitates in keeping a check on energy consumption. This benefits in controlling unnecessary power usage & also helps in protecting appliances from controlling fluctuations in power outages.