iTOC - Toc (Tower Operating Center), is an enterprise class software platform, designed to be the backbone for monitoring, controlling, operations and management of the distributed infrastructure passive elements of a telecom tower.

The application will enable alarm monitoring and other fault conditions that could impact the telecom operators or tewerco’s level and quality of service. It provides the ability to analyze alarms, enable troubleshooting, communicate with operations team, site technicians and track alarms for resolution and ultimately optimize MTTR.

It can notify via SMS/ email and escalate alarms to the appropriate field personnel or technicians to remedy the problem. Moreover, to speed up alarms remedies, notifications are escalated in a hierarchical format if they are not resolved within specific time frames.

Functional & Transactions Layers

Alarm Management

Fault Management

Trouble Ticket & notifications

Energy Audit & Transaction

Preventive Maintenance Management

B-Check Management

Asset Management

Service Management

Spares Management

Access Control & Security