Managed Services

Telecom Tower UPTIME is pivotal and central to MNOs and TELCOs. INVENDIS automates monitoring aspects of telecom tower passive assets performance, revenue assurance, reconciliations and eventual customer satisfaction.

We provide RMS’s IoT, M2M and AI technology which when intelligently utilized can bring in substantial advantages to the organization with :

Total productivity maintenance improving usable life of passive tower assets such as DG, Battery etc.

Lean operations with field staff empowerments through mobile workforce management.

Lower cost of out of pocket expenses with better preventive and predictive maintenance

Cost savings with Intelligent switching to cheapest available power sources

Lower cost of tower reinforcements with wind load and tilt sensors (Future)

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Beyond establishing and facilitating these, Invendis Managed Services team interfaces with customer’s operations & maintenance department managers and provide them with insights of their passive asset’s performance, uptime and other operational efficiencies.

The client’s O&M manager must be aware of the various indicators that can be used to measure the quality and effectiveness of the O&M program. Not only are these metrics useful in assessments, but also useful in cost justification of expenses, equipment purchases, program modifications, and staff hiring. Invendis Managed Services team will provide vital data and statistics that can measure customer’s O&M program. RMS will provide a host of metrics that can be used in different situations; A program should make use of as many metrics as possible to better define deficiencies and, most importantly, publicize successes

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