Innovative solutions leveraging cloud, edge & hybrid technologies

Invendis provides a broad array of IOT devices and Cloud based applications that facilitate advanced and smart connectivity requirements for infrastructure management services, operations automation and for power optimization . Invendis experienced IIoT hardware and software engineers deeply understand systems integration and enhanced user experiences and create integrated IIoT solutions using state-of-the art architectures, development methodologies supported by thorough testing facilities.


iToc (Tower Operating Center), is an enterprise class solution, designed to be the backbone responsible for monitoring, controlling, operations and management of the distributed infrastructure passive elements of a telecom tower.

The application will enable alarm monitoring and other fault conditions that could impact the telecom operators or tewerco’s level and quality of service. It provides the ability to analyze alarms, enable troubleshooting, communicate with operations team and site technicians, and track alarms for resolution and ultimately optimize MTTR. It can notify via SMS/ email and escalate alarms to the appropriate field personnel or technicians to remedy the problem. Moreover, to speed up alarms remedies, notifications are escalated in a hierarchical format if they are not resolved within specific time frames


Invendis Solar Energy monitoring solution (iSol) provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring all aspects of energy generation at solar power plants. iSol is a Web based application that provides rich visualizations and is used by operations to view and make decisions on the data and drive workflows. It provides the functionality to fully manage a single or multiple solar plants energy generation. iSol has the flexibility to provide a central monitoring platform for unlimited number of plants, irrespective of their capacity or their inverters make and model. Combined with iSol mobile, it enables field staff of EPC contractors and O&M engineers to ensure that their plant’s are maintained for most optimal throughputs.


Invendis mSurvey is a mobile app providing forms for data collection and sharing, empowering the workforce to work smarter and faster in the field with easy, efficient data updates right on your mobile device. Send completed digital forms directly to co-workers, customers, or anyone else who needs to see them.

Its ability to automatically capture LAT: LONG and to take pictures with location, date and time stamp makes it an ideal tool for routine field jobs

Piz Gloria

PizGloria is a NOC platform that provides end to end insights into telecom tower sites performance. It is an amalgamation of three distinct feature sets. Invendis RMS (Remote Monitoring System) solution includes controller(s), sensors, meters installed at telecom tower site that collects asset and power performance data and alarms and pushes it to cloud / Data Center.

i-Force Workforce Management

Invendis WFM solution provides Tower Enterprise Ready ticketing solution covering TT workflow, reporting, preventive maintenance and more. Platform provides flexible architecture to integrate Enterprise standard solutions to simplify workflow. In addition, Invendis WFM provides Web Services to enable a 3rd party system to integrate.