Battery Monitoring System

Invendis Battery Monitoring System (BMS) coupled with its iSense gateway records and transmits VRLA battery bank performance data till the end of the battery life. In combination with intelligent algorithms, it alerts technicians on deteriorating battery parameters prompting timely replacements, thereby preventing deterioration of the whole battery bank and unplanned black outs. It also has advance notification systems on battery disconnect which is valuable to determine battery thefts..

Li-Ion integration

For a Li-ion battery module, an intelligent Battery Monitoring System comes built-in. Hence, we use protocol interface on iSense to carry out the integration process with the Li-ion BMS and fetch all values.

As the Li-Ion Batteries come with their own controllers, they would need a firmware upgrade to optimize the life of Li-ion batteries depending on OEM’s recommendations. Invendis has developed a smart IOT controller that provides users a facility to upgrade firmware of Li-ion battery Modules over the air (OTA), whereby, exponentially increasing efficiencies while dramatically reducing the associated OPEX.


Battery health and performance monitoring

Live battery status is sent to the users, followed by pattern analysis and consequent generation of alerts to aid immediate preventive measures.

Reduced OPEX

The overall battery health is measured timely, aiding to an overall predictive and preventive maintenance with alarm on critical failure aspects.

Predictive analysis

Predict and plan battery replacement for large scale deployments.

Battery theft identification

Quickly identify battery theft when cells are removed without authorization.

Improved battery performance

Manufacturers get access to equipment usage data to help improve reliability and performance of their battery.