Silbo Da1 Dongles and Terminals

Dongles and Terminal Modems are retrofit gadgets which finds application in enabling internet for systems, sensors which are capable of sharing data but are limited to local operations. With new generation Telecom technologies and introduction of 3G, 4G and 5G networks, dongles and modems are simple and easy solutions adopted by consumers to enable internet to their system. The use cases such as Internet dongles, Paytm callout box, handheld payment gadgets, GPS tracking, energy meters etc are addressed by the dongles and modems that we deal with.

Invendis has compact dongles and terminal modems designs can be used for multiple use cases. The dongles and Modems come under various forms like USB driven, Mini PCI, M.2 etc. can be used by OE’s who wish to create products in IoT space. The OE’s gets benefited with the reliability and proven products which otherwise they would burnout efforts, time and money to create such a Modem for their application.


Designed based on WP7608/EC200T/EC25 which supports external antenna, the device runs on 5V/12V nominal power supply. It includes digital inputs and a temperature range of –20 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Technical Specifications

Based on WP7608/EC200T/EC25

One USB interface

One Nano SIM slot

External Antenna Support

5V / 12V (Optional) powered

Temperature grade of -20 to 70 deg C


Finds application in GPS tracking of an asset.

Can be used as terminal modem to enable internet to IP devices.


Designed for Industrial-Grade devices that demand high data throughput but have a compact form factor. The device runs on a 3.3V nominal power supply. With Sierra Wireless Driver loaded, the module works with Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10.

Technical Specifications

Based on WP7608

Mini PCI/M.2 Form factor – For usage on USB Host platforms

Direct IP mode enabled to provide Internet connectivity without use of AT commands

Works with Linux Ubuntu and Windows 10 with Sierra Wireless Driver installed

Additional Interfaces of I2C, Dual SIM, UART / PCM voice / GPIO available on Reserved pins

3.3V powered

Temperature grade of -20 to 70 deg C


Finds application in GPS tracking of an asset.

Good for OEM’s to use as GSM module with an IoT device.

Comes with plug and play architecture which can be easily implemented on an IoT device with other peripherals.