IIoT for Telecom Towers, Distributed Energy & Sub metering

IOT Gateways and Controllers

A wide range of smart dataloggers/gateway/ controllers that are the core of every solution. With state of the art fourth generation technology, it is designed to connect and integrate to monitor, manage and control all kinds of telecom passive infrastructure, solar and other power equipment and machines.

i-Mete Energy Meters

Smart and Efficient energy meters used for analysing and monitoring utilised energy. i-Mete wide range of meters caters to both industrial and domestic needs in measuring power consumption across various types of energy sources - Grid, solar power, Diesel, etc. and various loads in the downstream.


Real time IOT based smart sensors to measure and monitor energy, liquid or gas consumption – circuit, Zone or machine level including environmental changes like temperature, humidity, fire, smoke etc.Highly secure, interoperable and scalable to suite different industry needs


i-Solar is a combination of iSense gateways and user-friendly software that helps in solar plant management. It aids in maintaining and managing Ground Mount and Roof Top Solar plants from remote. It can be interfaced with energy meters, combiner boxes and weather stations for a comprehensive view of power plant performance.

Comprehensive Cloud based Hybrid Solutions

Cloud-based enterprise applications, drive efficiencies and productivity at the speed of business, turning data into actionable business insights across multiple levels of the organization

Reduce time to operational action when decision making is critical

Enable decisions at the edge and transmission of data over cloud

IOT Controllers

Next Generation Digitization and Automation