Silbo Ua2 Smart UPS

UPS has been the secondary source of power in various power segments including residentials. With the requirement of routers to have seamless internet access, power fluctuations in buildings creates a break in connectivity.

In the era of COVID, work from home, distant video conferencing, zoom meetings have made the connectivity more critical and power fluctuations cannot be a reason for the same. To address this, Invendis has created a flexi UPS which powers up Routers / access points when main power gets disconnected. The UPS comes with easy replaceable, rechargeable Li-ion batteries which adds to the long use ease and comfort to customers.


This help access power to the routers through external battery at 12V, with the flexibility of user replaceable and selectable battery. They power in the range of 19-38 Whr with backup of 3-10 hours.

Technical Specifications

Input 12V, Output 12V,2A/3A

Dual output port for connecting multiple devices simultaneously

User replaceable and selectable battery ( 18650/26650)

Power 19Whr , backup time 3-5 hours

Power 38Whr , backup time 9-10 hours

Battery overcharge and discharge protection

Auto turn-ON feature which helps in sensing the input power from power adapter and automatically TURNS ON the output power

Battery Thermal protection

Dual LED Indications for charging and output power status

Output short circuit protection

Provides battery charging and output port power simultaneously


Battery Backup for Home Router, IP camera, Set Top Box etc